Who We Are

Sachi Arakawa

Sachi is a GIS analyst and urban geographer. She works at the intersection of data analytics and community mobilization. Her background is in community geography, where she has worked to build partnerships between community groups and researchers/data analysts in the Portland Metro area. She is interested finding ways to make GIS tools and data more accessible to everyday people. Sachi has lived in Portland for 18 years and currently resides in SE Portland with too many cats.

Tim Hitchins

Tim is a GIS developer with an obsession for interactive mapping, data analytics and everything in between. Since his early 20s, Tim has participated in various grassroots social justice, environmental and animal liberation causes. These days Tim spends his time working with community partners on projects that bridge the gap between analytics and activism. Tim graduated with an MS in Geography from Portland State University and is currently a GIS instructor at Portland Community College.

Isnardo Gandarilla

Isnardo is a computer science student with a focus on web development. His background is in GIS and mapping. Isnardo’s aspiration is to become a full stack developer, to write programs that service like minded people and help social justice movements. Isnardo is proud to say that he started as a mentee in the Portland State University’s computer science mentorship program, and now he is a mentor. He also enjoys working out at the gym and break dancing.

Max Macalla

Max is a geographer and GIS analyst with interests in community resilience and community service. They have lived in Portland for over 3 years on and off and have experience in remote sensing, environmental GIS, cartography, and disaster relief, and have contributed to volunteer participatory mapping, grant writing and resistance efforts for various organizations. Max received a BS in geography from Portland State University in 2016 and completed coursework towards a Specialized Master’s degree in GIScience at the University of Zurich.

Steven Murschel

Steven Murschel is an environmental scientist who likes to apply GIS data analysis to the field(s) of urban, wetland, and riparian ecology and natural resources so our communities can work collaboratively with ecosystems. Originally from Lake Erie, currently based in Portland, Oregon, Steven enjoys sailing, hiking, frisbee, and basketball.

Jess Sullivan

Jess serves as Administrative Coordinator for MAC. She has an administrative background in behavioral health and healthcare and a parallel background in illustration and cartooning. She is passionate about improving accessibility of services to under-served communities. Jess has lived in unincorporated Washington County for 12 years with two small, bored parrots who have taught her to abandon functional fixedness: just as a hammer is also a crowbar, a rolling pin and an entirely unironic objet d’art a beak is also a can-opener, a percussion instrument, and a tool for involuntary outpatient surgery.

Thea Kindschuh

Thea is a coordinator and systems-planner for climate and community resilience in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. Always learning from those around her, Thea works to link community-sourced expertise with the institutions that have the ability to support it. She received her Masters of Urban and Planning from Portland State University in 2018.

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