Who We Are


Sachi Arakawa

Sachi is a cartographer and GIS analyst with a background in Urban Geography. For the last two years she has worked in Community Geography, attempting to build partnerships between community groups and researchers/data analysts in the Portland Metro area. She is interested finding ways to dismantle the technocratic barriers of GIS to make tools and data more accessible to everyday people and not kept in the hands of the few. Sachi has lived in Portland for 18 years and currently resides in SE Portland with too  many cats.


Tim Hitchins

Tim is a GIS developer with an obsession for interactive mapping, data analytics and everything in between. Since his early 20s, Tim has participated in various grassroots social justice, environmental and animal liberation causes. These days Tim spends his time working with community partners on projects that bridge the gap between analytics and activism. Tim graduated with an MS in Geography from Portland State University and is currently a GIS instructor at Portland Community College.


Thea Kindschuh

Thea is a coordinator and systems-planner for climate and community resilience in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. Always learning from those around her, Théa works to link community-sourced expertise with the institutions that have the ability to support it. She received her Masters of Urban and Planning from Portland State University in 2018.

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