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Want to give less money to the government*, and help an emerging non-profit instead? The Mapping Action Collective is happy to help!

Who are we? 

The Mapping Action Collective (MAC) is a diverse group of volunteers in Portland, Oregon that uses technology to support community-based organizations in their frontline work.

Year in review

2020 and 2021 presented unique and extreme challenges to the Portland area.  Our collective dug deep to respond, bringing the online Rose City Resource Guide, in partnership with Street Roots, from conception to live website over the course of a few short months. This allowed COVID crisis resources to be updated remotely in real time when it was needed most.

When the wildfires made Portland’s air dangerous to breathe, emergency wildfire resources were added to the website by our volunteers in record time. 

MAC rapidly added numerous volunteers during this hectic period of crisis, who contributed countless hours of development work. We are proud of the capacity we found when it was needed, and we are excited about the possibilities for the future. 

That future relies on the generosity of our partners, our volunteers, and you!

A humble request

If you’re looking for a good cause to support with your year end giving, we’re happy to help! *The CARES act makes individual giving easier until the end 2021. (Find out more here.)

Support the MAC through a donation of $1, $10, or $20!

Mapping Action Collective is a qualifying 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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